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What is Section 8 Company ?

Do you want section 8 company registration or NGO registration services? KDS Ecom Private Limited supports its customers with different business set-ups, registrations, tax-fillings, etc. We have a group of well-trained experts to address the legal requirements of different businesses. They know how to register section 8 companies and help young entrepreneurs set up their businesses.
A section 8 company is similar to trust or society. Section 8 companies or NGO companies are formed by entrepreneurs who do not have any profit motive. Section 8 companies can't collect funds by way of deposits. At KDS Ecom Private Limited, we register all types of companies like private limited, public limited, section 8, etc. You may contact us to know more regarding the cost of section 8 business registration services.
We have experts to provide you with important assistance to register a company. You can get in touch with us to understand more regarding our efficient section 8 company registration consultants. Our experts help entrepreneurs to enroll their businesses by completing section 8 company registration online procedures.

Benefits of Section 8 Company

1. The company becomes eligible for various grants offered by the Government of India. Further, Section 8 Companies are also entitled to receive donations from the general public.
2. Exemption to the donors: Those donating to a Section 8 Company are eligible for tax exemptions under 80G of the Income Tax Act.
3. Tax Benefits: There are many tax benefits for Section 8 companies in India.
4. No Minimum Capital: There is no requirement of minimum paid-up capital for the incorporation of Section 8 Company.
5. Credibility: Section 8 Company creates their credibility in the market by holding the License issued by the ROC and the various kinds of activity undertaken by them.
6. Section 8 License: The Registrar of Companies provides a License to Section 8 Companies in Form INC-16.

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Documents required for Section 8 Company

ID Proof

Address Proof

Passport Size Photo
Registered Office

Minimum Requirement for Company Registration

2 Directors

It can be formed with a minimum of 2 directors

Digital Signature for 2 Directors

Minimum 2 Digital Signature, Director can be same person

Registered Office

Office Address is needed. Address can be Residential or commercial.

Documents you’ll get after Section 8 company registration
  • Reservation of Company Name
  • Digital Signature
  • Central Govt. License
  • All India Validity
  • NGO Identification Number
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank Account
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Most common questions
Section 8 Company can be registered for a number of social factors such as :Povertym, Education, Blood Bank, Disease, Protection of Environment
Yes, Central Govt. Approval is essential for section 8 company registration in India. It is needed before company registration.
There is not any need of minimum capital for section 8 company in India.
An auditor should be appointed by board of directors within 30 days of incorporation.
No, there is no need of minimum number of members for Section 8 Company.
The profits are taxed @30%. If Section 8 Company is registered under section 12AA of Income Tax Act, then its profit is completely exempted and no tax is imposed on the company. It is essential to make compulsory compliances every year to get tax exemption.
No a lot of time and labour is required to close a section 8 company. It cannot be closed by applying any fast track approach like strike off strategy. Before closing of the company, the compliance should be up-to date else the application for closure will not get acceptance.
ection 8 company is called non-profit organization that targets to operate on the social topics of the society. The names of Section 8 Company may end with "foundation" or any other phrase may be selected.
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