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Selling on Amazon is a modern-day privilege since it provides merchants and vendors with an amazing opportunity to sell and market their products on a globally recognized and authentic platform. The problem, however, lies in the fact that there is plenty of competition for all categories and getting ahead needs help. That is what we are here for! By availing of our Amazon Management Services, here’s a list of benefits you will enjoy.

What we offer services
Your Account is in Good Hands!

Our team of experts will help you with everything you need to get ahead as a seller on Amazon. We have comprehensive solutions to help you navigate your way through better rankings, more sales, and a higher conversion rate. Our services will help you target customers, on various funnel stages and channel their conversions expertly

Amazon Advertising Service

With our Account Management Services, you can get a comprehensive approach towards making your online marketplace be as visible and optimized as possible organically. But that is not all you will need to make the best of what Amazon has to offer. Our expertise and knowledge of the platform will help you get the most out of your Amazon Ad campaigns.

Amazon A+ Content/ Enhanced Branding Content

Amazon provides amazing tools for registered brands to make most of their product listing. One way they do so is by letting brands add Enhanced Branding Content which allows them to showcase features and selling points about their product with high quality images, videos, and textual content. With our help, you get to make the most of this opportunity!

Mobile E-Commerce for Amazon

Mobile devices are the present, and the future. Our services also include optimizing your presence for the Amazon mobile app. We will help you get the best of Amazon’s fantastic distribution across the app with our detailed targeting expertise.

Case Study

This client is well appreciated for the quality of their products and they were cherished for making these quality products available across the country.

Showcase Your Product In A Unique Way

Although a product listing is sufficient to tell the highlights of the product and its importance to the consumer, it fails to connect sometimes with a potential customer. If you really wish to stand out from the competition, then you need something that tells your brand story and makes a person want to purchase your product. This is where Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) comes into play. It is a premium feature from Amazon that allows brand owners to enhance their ASINs in order to make them more informative and attractive in terms of graphics.


Product listings have various limitations that stop you from being creative beyond a certain point. Amazon EBC or A+ Content provides you with a way to take your otherwise technical and simple product listing to new heights through the use of different modules that allow you to express yourself with creative graphics and quality content. You can tell your brand story with the help of A+ content to ensure a solid boost in sales.

  • Provide in-depth product information
  • Showcase product features
  • Add enhanced lifestyle images
  • Write descriptive and high-quality content
We Help You Tell Your Story

With years of expertise in creating Amazon EBC for a wide array of sellers, our team and guidance are what you need to drive sales with this premium feature. Kds Ecom excels in doing a complete revamp of your product page by creating appealing and productive Enhanced Brand Content. We study your product in detail to come up with an EBC that highlights your brand and tells your story to a potential customer. Kds Ecom helps you to strengthen your relationship with your target audience and improve your brand image by designing an engaging Enhanced Brand Content for your product. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers and content writers who are adept at creating impactful EBCs that are sure to boost your conversion rate.

Social Paid Ads

An average social media user spends about 3 hours on their favourite platforms every day. This includes interacting with friends, favourite celebrities, brands, and artists. Their world on social media is important to them, and for your brand to fit into their world, you must maintain standards according to your niche!
Amongst all of this engagement, a user will see plenty of advertising. These ads are about things that they like, things that they don’t like, things they’ve heard of, and even things they’ve been thinking about!

How we can help?
Ad Copy and Testing

We understand that getting people to take action on social media ads requires an insight into customer behavior. With our experience, we bring well performing campaigns that users can’t ignore!

Audience Targeting

Facebook has a powerful and precise targeting system that allows marketers to reach a wide user base of their ideal customer. With our help, you can make the most of these targeting super-powers!

Bid Management

Whether it is through manual adjustments or through platform specific bid optimizers, we will make sure that you get the most results in the least amount of money!


Remarketing is a great strategy to market to past visitors, past customers, and people your ads have reached to before. On social platforms, persistence is one of the things that work!

Dynamic Product Ads

Our combined e-commerce expertise will allow you to setup ads that follow people who have visited your product pages. This increases consideration in their behavior.

Lead Ads

For B2B businesses, lead ads are a great way to capture some interest, especially on mobile platforms. We will help you setup high performing ads to generate leads.

Showcase Your Product In A Unique Way

Every shopping search ad campaign is powered by a product feed which directly influences the quality of the user experience, and in turn the volume of sales! We have a team of product feed experts that use cutting edge software to customize a wide variety of attributes, correct errors instantly, and manage promotions. This level of diligence will help you maximize profits and prevent loss.

Our Services
Google and Bing Feed Creation

Our expertise in using keyword strategies is applied to creating cart data that transforms your product list into a customer magnet.

Feed Data Optimization

We consistently work on improving descriptions, product titles, and all text involved to be as productive as possible. This increases visibility on all levels.

Keyword Testing

The keywords we finalize are tested before being implemented in your campaigns. Only the best ones proven to increase CTR and expand search volume are used.

Promotion Management

We will help you manage and test promotions for thousands of products so that your shopping store is always active and kicking!

Uptime Monitoring

There can be many technical issues because of which your process might be hampered. Any issues faced are resolved immediately and your feed is safe with us any time of the day!

Error Correcti

Even minor issues in shopping feed data can result in ads not being served for a number of products. Our always hands-on style of monitoring ensures that all errors are corrected for smooth running of ad campaign.

Focus on Results, Not Numbers!

A big conundrum is settling for impressions and not conversions. We will change that ideology for you and focus our campaign not on massive number of impressions, but on quality conversions. Google Ads is used best when it allows you to convert loyal customers.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads is not the easiest to get the hang of. It is quite sophisticated in terms of its targeting and bidding antics. But because of how detailed the platform is, you can easily get better results than other paid marketing campaigns. With Google Ads, you can set daily budgets for each campaign and then choose bids for each keyword and ad group. The campaigns are full of features such as scheduled ads, location settings, and customizations according to devices like mobile and desktop. The Keyword Planner also gives you an amazing tool to brainstorm and get more targeting ideas.

How can we help you generate leads and traffic with Google Ads?
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We test and research the best final Ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer the most efficiently
We test and research the best final Ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer the most efficiently
We test and research the best final Ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer the most efficiently
We test and research the best final Ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer the most efficiently
We test and research the best final Ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer the most efficiently
We test and research the best final Ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer the most efficiently
We test and research the best final Ad copy that speaks to your ideal customer the most efficiently
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KDS ECOM PVT LTD, a professional Ecommerce Web Development Company carefully understands your products, your customers and your business processes.

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