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What is Trust Registration ?

Trust registration service must require documents like trust deed and rental agreement. KDS Ecom Private Limited has experienced professionals who are well-versed with trust registration online procedures to accelerate the registration process.
We have experts to provide you with assistance with the complete process to form your trust while taking care of any legal hazards. You may contact us to understand more about our cost-effective trust registration costs while registering your start-ups.
Public trust is known as the easiest way to start a non-governmental organization like NGO. A trust acts with one of its social objectives to remove poverty. If you want to incorporate your trust online without any permitted issues, it is best to reach us as soon as possible. We will help you to process your trust registration documents properly and we also guide you further to establish the start-ups.
Get in touch with us to know the perfect procedure for trust registration service. At KDS Ecom Private Limited, we are committed to offering business services in a quick turnaround time. We work only with qualified and experienced professionals to ensure the best quality at a cost-effective price.
So what are you waiting for! It's time for you to commence your start-ups.

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Documents required for Trust Registration

ID Proof

Address Proof

Passport Size Photo
Registered Office

Minimum Requirement for Trust Registration

2 Directors

It can be formed with a minimum of 2 directors

Digital Signature for 2 Directors

Minimum 2 Digital Signature, Director can be same person

Registered Office

Office Address is needed. Address can be Residential or commercial.

Trust Registration
  • Reservation of Company Name
  • Digital Signature
  • Central Govt. License
  • All India Validity
  • NGO Identification Number
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank Account
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Most common questions
A public trust can be made in order to offer benefit to general public and the same must be offered in the trust deed clearly since it includes guidance regarding functions of trusts in the course of time. Usually a public trust is made to set up educational institutions like school, colleges, old age homes, hospital, orphanage and others. Public trusts facilitate promotion of child health, wellbeing of weaker part of society and also fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) by companies according to section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.
There is not any trust registration form to register a trust. The basic documents to register a trust are the KYC documents of trustee and its author, trust deed and witness of the trust deed.
You may need our services for appropriate drafting of the trust deed.
The Trustees do not have the authority to sell the property. However, trustees can sell trust properties after getting prior approval of the appropriate civil court.
Depending on the goals and reasons, NGOs can be registered online as Section 8 companies or Trust.
Yes. Government employees can be members of NGOs, only if the NGO is not involved in any anti-government activities.
Generally, the trust is usually permanent in nature. Due to reasons like absence of trustees, disqualification of trustees and mismanagement of the trust, the same can be combined with a trust having similar reason with the approval of the court.
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