• The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council
    Cotton Yarn & Sewing Thread
    Duck/Canvas, Sheetings, Poplin, Shirting/Suitings, Denims/Drills, Twills/Sateens,
    Sarees/Dhotis/Terry Fabrics, Furnishings, Voils/Mulls/Muslin, Knit Fabrics
    Cotton Made-ups – Bed Linens/Home Furnishings, Terry Towels/Toweling, Bags/Sacks, Curtains/Drapes, Blankets, Table/Toilet/Kitchen.
    Linens/Napkins, Handkerchiefs/Dusters, Carpets/Mats/Tarpaulins/Tents, Tapes/Narrow Fabrics, Labels
    Mosquito Netts/Netting, Embroidered Fabrics/Sarees, Dress Materials, Chaddar/Odhanis
    Khangas, Threads/Packing Threads, Others Raw Cotton
  • Engineering Export Promotion Council
    Machineries and equipments Motor Vehicles
    Automobile Components,Bicycles, Bicycle Components and Accessories,Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers
    all types Electric and Home Appliances
    Hand and Machine Tools, Medical, Surgical and Other Instruments
    Prime Iron & Steel and Products Thereof Non-ferrous Metals and Products Thereof
    Internal Combustion Engines, Compressors and parts thereof Pumps.
    Railway Rolling Stock and Components
    Builders Hardware , Project Exports
    Mica & other Mineral based products,Miscellaneous Manufacturers Engineering Products not specified elsewhere.

  • The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
    Polished & Processed Pearls (real or culture)
    ACut & Polished Diamonds
    Cut & Polished Coloured Gemstones
    Jewellery containing gold, silver, platinum, or palladium and studded with diamonds, coloured gemstones, real or cultured pearls or synthetic/ imitation stones
    Cut and Polished Synthetic Stones
    Costume/Fashion Jewellery
    Silver Filligree Jewellery & Silver Filligree
    Rough Diamonds

  • Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
    Metal Ware
    Wood Ware
    Handprinted textiles and scarves embroidered and crocheted goods shawls and Art wares
    Artistic handmade jewellery/ Imitation jewellery
    Lace & Embroidery crafted stones
    Jute and Papier machine
    Silver Filligree Jewellery & Silver Filligree

  • Electronics & Computer Software EPC
    Consumer electronics
    Telecom equipments and services
    Electronics instruments (which includes – industrial instruments, office equipments, medical equipments, strategic electronic equipments)
    Electronics components
    Computer hardware
    Computer software/services
    laboratory equipments

  • Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)
    Services other than Computer Software/ Services, and those specific services as listed in Sl. No.22 of Appendix 2 of Handbook of Procedures Volume-I.
    In respect of exporters having their Head Office/ Registered Office in the State of Orissa, RCMC may be obtained from FIEO office in Bhubaneswar.
    However, exporters of Minor Forest produce may also obtain RCMC from SHEFEXIL

    Animal By-products,Automobile Tyres & Tube
    Books, Publishing & Printing,Bulk Minerals & Ores
    Cement, Clinkes & Asbestos Cement products,Ceramics & Refractories
    Glass & Glasswares, Granites, Natural Stones & Explosives.
    Graphite Electrodes & Explosives, Ossein, Glue & Gelatine
    Paints & Allied Products, Paper, Board & Paper Products
    Plywood & Allied Products, Processed Minerals
    Rubber Manufactured Products

  • Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council
    Bulk Drugs and its intermediates
    Graphite Electrodes & Explosives, Ossein, Glue & Gelatine
    Homeopathic medicines
    Biotech & biological products
    Nutraceuticals & pharma industry related services
    Collaborative research
    Contract manufacturing
    Clinical trials and consultants etc
    Pharma related services.

  • Services Export Promotion Council
    Health Care Services including services by nurses, physiotherapist and paramedical personnel
    Educational Services
    Entertainment Services including audio-visual services
    Consultancy Services
    Architectural Services and related services
    Distribution Services
    Accounting/ Auditing and Book Keeping Services
    Environment Services
    Maritime Transport Services
    Advertising Services
    Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling Services/ Management Services
    Hotel and tourism related services.

  • Jute Manufacturers Development Council
    Traditional Jute Products : Hessian, Sacking, Carpet Backing Cloth, Yarn
    Speciality and newly emerging products : Food grade jute cloth/bags, jute geo-textiles
    Life Style Jute Products : Floor coverings (incl. carpets, mats and Mattings. Shopping & carry bags incl. fancy bags. Jute and jute blended decorative fabrics. Promotional gift items including handicrafts stationery items. Wall hangings

  • Spices Board
    Cardamom, Pepper, Chilly, Ginger, Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Celery, Aniseed, Bishopsweed,
    Caraway, Dill, Cinnamon, Cassia, Garlic, Curry Leaf, Kokkam, Mint, Mustard, Parsley, Pomegranate seed,
    Saffron, Vanilla, Tejpat, Pepper long, Star Anise, Sweet flag, Greater Galanga, Horse-raddish, Caper, Clove, Asafoetida, Cambodge,
    Hyssop, Juniper berry, Bay leaf, Lovage, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Mace, Basil, Poppy Seed, All-Spice, Rosemary,
    Sage, Savory, Thyme, Oregano, Tarragon, Tamarind.

  • Shellac & Forest Products Export Promotion Council
    Minor Forest Produce and their value added products.

  • The Plastics Export Promotion Council
    All plastics products covering plastic raw materials: intermediate products like plastic
    Films, sheets etc .plastic packaging materials including Plastic woven sacks/fabrics/bags & Flexible Intermediate Bulk containers (FIBC’s) Plastic Tarpaulins, plastic consumer items, PVC Leather Cloth/Foam leather, floor coverings (incl. Linoleums), Moulded/soft luggage,FRP/GRP products PVC Rigid/Flexible
    Pipe fittings, Toys Dolls and Game, Plastic Electrical Accessories, Laminates, Fishnets. Fishing Lines
    Cordage/Ropes/Twines/Yarn/Bristles, PVC fabricated goods, PVC Sheeting/Film, Intraocular Lenses, Spactacle Frames
    Hard Resilene Lenses, goggles, Poly-Lines Jute goods, Disposable Syringes, blood/urine bags I.V. sets, Dental products and other medical disposables
    Cine X-Ray Films, Plastic bangles/Imitation Jewellery and all products made predominantly of plastic materials by processing raw materials through injecton/blow moulding. Extrusion
    calendaring, fabrications and other processes: writing instruments and human hair and products thereof
  • Project Exports Promotion Council of India
    Civil Construction (Structures/ Infrastructure)
    Turnkey including Engineering, Procurement & Construction (from concept to commissioning) and Essentially includes civil work/construction and all supplies specific to these Turnkey Projects
    Process and Engineering Consultancy Services
    Project Construction Items (excluding Steel and Cement)
    Construction Engineering Products (fitting and fixtures; materials; construction chemicals & allied products)
    Construction Equipments & Accessories
    Other Project Goods

  • Tobacco Board
    Flue cured Virginia
    Light Soil Burley
    Sun cured country
    Chewing Tobacco
    Bidi Tobacco
    Cigar Tobacco
    Manufactured Tobacco products
    Cut tobacco
    Chewing tobacco
    Hookah tobacco paste

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