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What is a Liquor License?

To sell liquor in India, one requires to procure a liquor license. A liquor license is a governmentally issued permit to sell liquor to stores, hotels, and restaurants. So, the sellers are required to hold a license to sell alcohol, otherwise, the selling of alcohol is forbidden and prohibited until registration for a liquor license is not done.

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Can we sell imported alcohol in India? Can liquor be imported in India?

Yes but a liquor license is required, for importing liquor we required a liquor import license. Without a license, you can be fined Rs 50,000 and a prison sentence of up to five years. The liquor label needs to be recorded for one economic year, i.e., April to March. Then comes the Excise Guideline and levied is the Vend Fee, which is a state levy. Next is added the distributor's margin. The retailer then adds his margin on top of the distributor's price. As per the proposal, in the first year, basic customs duty (BCD) on Bottled in Origin (BIO) spirits (including whisky) may be carried down to 75% ad valorem from the current 150%, for all imports priced at over $25 (₹ 1,860) per case of 9 liters.
There are 7 European groups in the wine sector in India. India imports around 3 million liters of spirit and 7500 cases of wine from Europe. French wines are always the largest imported, but wines from Australia and California are making strong inroads. The wine market is growing at 25-30% a year.

How to Start a Imported Liquor Company / How to Start Liquor Business In India : Beer/ Whisky / Wine Import

Liquor Importing Business Is Very Beneficial Because Of Increased Demand and Less Supply. So Indian Market Depends On The Import Of Liquor To Meet Their Need In The Domestic Consumption.

People are passionate about alcoholic beverages, which creates a profitable market for liquor entrepreneurs. Beer is considered as most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world and 3rd largest beverage after tea & water.

Startups In India interested in starting a liquor import business that sells imported liquor, imported wine, imported beer, and spirits be aware that obtaining licenses and permits can be your greatest hurdle.

After securing funding. From there, it is all about developing your brand and attracting a loyal following of restaurant buyers, bartenders, and consumers.

Want to sell imported alcohol in India? Or Know Liquor Import Process In India ?

A liquor license is a permit needed for any business planning to sell alcoholic liquids for consumption. The Local Excise Commissioner is in control of issuing liquor licenses.

Liquor licenses can be broadly categorized into two types:

  • wholesale
  • retail liquor licenses

  • A Wholesale liquor license is required to support the storage and wholesale of duty paid government liquor to retail shops, wholesale of foreign liquor ( imported liquor), and wholesale of wine. Different kinds of retail liquor licenses can be involved depending on essentials such as Permit Room license, Club license, Beer Shoppe license, Mild Liquor and Wine Bar license, Wine Shoppe license, etc. Registration fees, as well as the total cost of receiving a liquor license, may vary relying on the type of license required.

    Apply for liquor import license/ liquor license. Every business, from liquor stores to restaurants that sell alcoholic beverages needs to apply for a liquor license online or offline

    Engaging in any business communed to alcohol without a permit can lead to serious legal issues and hefty penalties. State governments enforce, regulate, and survey the sale of alcohol within their jurisdiction with the service of such a license. In this way, we will take a look at how to get a liquor license or import liquor in India, and the procedure for applying it.

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    Liquor License cost in India

    As stated above, since liquor laws vary from state to state, the cost of a liquor license also varies from state to state. Depending upon the type of Liquor License given and the occurrence for which it is granted.

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    Documents Required To Get Liquor Import License In India

    Identity Proof of the Applicant
    Address proof of the applicant
    Application with personal and business details
    Address proof

    NOC & Applicant’s photograph

    An affidavit declaring that there are no past criminal records in the name of the applicant

    What License Is Needed To Import Liquor

    All brands (whether imported or produced in India) have to be registered with the Excise Department of each state. While many of the Indian States grant a single liquor license for various kinds and classes of alcohol, in some states, an application for a grant of license of a specific class is required. Therefore in states where a permit is required for different classes of alcohol, the following are the different set of general liquor(Beer / Wine) licenses available in India-

    Beer and Wine License : The Beer and Wine License is for those who are wishing to sell soft and mild liquors(Beer / Wine) like beers and wine. Once a Beer and Wine License is obtained, there is a prohibition upon the license holder to deal with any kind of hard liquor(Beer / Wine).

    Restaurant Liquor : License The Restaurant Liquor License is for restaurants that are willing and wish to serve alcohol on their premises. This type of license is also called the “All-Liquor License”. However, this type of license is only granted to restaurants whose business is mainly generated from the sale of food items, and only a percentage (not exceeding 40%) of sales come from liquor(Beer / Wine).

    Tavern Liquor License : This type of license is granted to businesses, which in spite of offering food items make up half of their profits out of the alcohol sale.

    Brewpub Liquor License : As the name suggests, this type of License is granted to those who make/ brew their wine and beer.

    Apply for Liquor Import License

    How To Get Liquor Import License In India

    Since a Liquor(Beer / Wine) License is granted by the state excise department to those who wish to sell and/or distribute alcohol and alcoholic beverages, thus, if any person is involved or planning to venture in a business that deals with the sale/distribution or manufacturing of alcohol and/ or alcoholic drinks, then he/she must apply for a Liquor(Beer / Wine) License.

    Since every state government keeps a stringent check on the sale and consumption of alcohol sold within its territory, every State has a different set of liquor laws that must be carefully observed before applying for a Liquor License.

    Moreover, since dealing with the manufacture, import, export, transport, possession, purchase, sale, etc., of liquor is made punishable in the absence of a Liquor License, it is mandatory for one to obtain a valid Liquor License in accordance with the state laws.

    Apply for Liquor Import License
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